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Proven pharmacodynamics
Helps mitigate the damage caused by the excess accumulation of mannose-rich oligosaccharides1,2

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May help with walking performance
Numerical trends show potential to improve walking performance as measured by the 6MWT1

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Preserved endurance climbing stairs
Helped patients maintain the ability to climb stairs, as measured by the 3MSCT3

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May improve pulmonary function
Patients taking Lamzede showed favorable improvement in pulmonary function compared to those taking placebo1

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3MSCT, 3-minute stair-climbing test; 6MWT, 6-minute walk test.

Why timely identification and treatment are key to helping mitigate the impact of alpha-mannosidosis4

Alpha-mannosidosis is an ultra-rare lysosomal storage disorder with a range of symptoms5-7

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Alpha-mannosidosis is challenging to identify and early diagnosis is key4

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Lamzede is designed to reduce mannose-rich oligosaccharides by supplementing the natural α-mannosidase enzyme1

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