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Lamzede® (velmanase alfa-tycv) is designed to reduce mannose-rich oligosaccharides by supplementing the natural α-mannosidase enzyme1

Lamzede is an enzyme replacement therapy (ERT) for patients with alpha-mannosidosis—a long-awaited treatment for your patients and their loved ones.1

  • Lamzede is a recombinant human α-mannosidase, identical to the naturally occurring enzyme1
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Without treatment, alpha-mannosidosis causes excess mannose-rich oligosaccharides to build up in the lysosome.2

Lamzede offers an external source to supplement the deficient α-mannosidase enzyme.1

This weekly treatment helps mitigate excess accumulation and the impact of alpha-mannosidosis over time.1

Until now, bone marrow transplantation (BMT) was the only option—but its use is often age-restricted, with a median age of 3.6 years2

For more background on Lamzede, review the extensive clinical trial program. Lamzede has been studied in multiple Phase I, II, and III clinical trials, including a long-term trial of patients receiving Lamzede for up to 4 years.3-11

Overview of Select Clinical Trials

Trial 1

rhLAMAN-05 (N=25): Multicenter, double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled, parallel-group study of the efficacy and safety of repeated Lamzede treatment in patients with alpha-mannosidosis.8,9

Trial 2

rhLAMAN-08 (N=5): 24-month, multicenter, open-label, Phase II trial of the efficacy and safety of repeated Lamzede treatment in patients aged <6 years with alpha-mannosidosis.7

Trial 3

Integrated analysis of long-term outcome data that pooled cumulative databases from Phase I, II, and III trials (N=33) for patients aged ≥6 to 35 years.10

Additional study

rhLAMAN-10 (N=18): Single-center, open-label, Phase III clinical trial of the long-term efficacy of Lamzede treatment in patients with alpha-mannosidosis who previously participated in Lamzede trials of up to 4 years.11

rhLAMAN, recombinant human α-mannosidase.