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Starting treatment with Lamzede® (velmanase alfa-tycv), a once-weekly intravenous infusion1

Consider pretreating with antihistamines, antipyretics, and/or corticosteroids.1

For females of reproductive potential, verify that the patient is not pregnant and discuss the risks of becoming pregnant.1

The recommended dose is 1 mg/kg of body weight for pediatric and adult patients.1

  • Recommended dose calculation: Patient dose (mg) = Patient’s weight (kg) x dose (mg/kg)1
  • Appropriate number of vials calculation (round up to next whole # if the # of calculated vials includes a fraction): # of vials to reconstitute = Patient dose (mg) ÷ 10 mg/vial (content of 1 vial)1

Infusion duration is calculated individually, with a maximum infusion rate of 25 mL/hour.1

  • The maximum infusion rate is 25 mL/hour to control the protein load1
  • For patients weighing less than 18 kg, and receiving less than 9 mL reconstituted solution, the infusion rate should be calculated so that the infusion time is ≥60 minutes1

Minimum infusion time is 60 minutes.1

  • A slower infusion rate may be prescribed when clinically appropriate according to the physician’s judgment, for example at the beginning of the treatment or in case of previous infusion-related reactions1

Infusions at home or in the clinic
Home infusions could be a convenient option to consider for some patients.*

* The decision to have patients moved to home infusion should be made after evaluation and recommendation by a physician. Dose and infusion rates should remain constant for home administration and cannot be changed without supervision of a physician. In case of missed doses or delayed infusion, a physician should be contacted.

If one or more doses are missed, restart the treatment as soon as possible, as long as it is at least 3 days from the next scheduled dose. If it is within 3 days from the next scheduled dose, give only the next dose per schedule.1

Lamzede should be reconstituted and administered by a healthcare professional.