Introducing the first and only ERT approved for alpha-mannosidosis

Until now, treatment for alpha-mannosidosis has been limited to symptom management (or the age-restricted use of bone marrow transplant). But now there’s Lamzede––an enzyme replacement therapy (ERT) that’s a lifelong treatment to treat the non-central nervous system symptoms of alpha-mannosidosis.

Lamzede is designed to supplement enzyme activity

It does this by helping your body reduce the buildup of unwanted oligosaccharides that are known to cause harmful effects in the body.

An ERT may be used in lysosomal storage disorders like alpha-mannosidosis to supplement the missing enzyme and reduce the amount of mixed sugar and protein buildup (oligosaccharides) in the cells.

Who is right for Lamzede?

Lamzede can be used for people with non-central nervous system symptoms of alpha-mannosidosis in any age group or stage of development.


2nd to 3rd decade of life


A few things to keep in mind…

  • Lamzede is not a cure. If your or your loved one's doctor has prescribed Lamzede, talk to them about treatment goals and expectations
  • Depending on how far the disease has already progressed, an important goal may be to help maintain current levels of physical function and ability
  • Treatment with Lamzede does not help with problems in learning or thinking (neurocognitive symptoms). Results will vary and side effects are possible

Working with your doctor, you can set goals to track the impact of treatment with Lamzede.