Lamzede is a weekly intravenous treatment that can be administered in a clinic or your home

Once-weekly infusions last at least 60 minutes

Dosage is based on body weight (1 mg/kg). The rate of infusion stays roughly the same, so the duration of infusions goes up with increased body weight. For example:

  • Anyone under 49 kg (108 lb) will have a minimum infusion time of 60 minutes
  • People over 50 kg (110 lb) should be infused at a maximum rate of 25 mL/hour

If you are a female of reproductive age, test for pregnancy before taking Lamzede and discuss with a doctor the risks of becoming pregnant. Lamzede may cause harm to the embryo or fetus.

Everyone responds to treatment in their own way

It is important to remember that although Lamzede has shown results for people like you or your loved one in clinical trials, that still does not mean it is a cure.

You and your doctor can try to track your own response to treatment and look for signs of progress. In follow-up visits, your doctor may perform blood tests or administer the 3-minute stair-climbing test or 6-minute walk test.

Your doctor may also ask you to complete questionnaires that track how you perform ordinary tasks.

Tracking progress and seeing results

With a lifelong disease, it’s not always obvious from one day to the next that treatment is making a difference. Here’s how you can track your progress:

  • Make a video tracker to help you remember how you felt when you started
  • Press record on your phone’s camera or have someone else work the camera
  • Talk about how you feel and show what you can do
  • Repeat the process over time and keep the recordings to see how you feel after a month, 6 months, a year, or longer

Some days may be better than others, so don’t get discouraged. Stay positive and look for those little victories.

Don't delay. Starting treatment with Lamzede may make a
meaningful impact for you or your loved one.